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About Our Clients

Perhaps it is less about us and more about the types of people we attract. We cater to all professions and are fortunate to have well-educated, career-driven clients. A small sampling of our client base is listed below:

  • Banking
  • Buying/Purchasing
  • Call Center Management
  • Consulting
  • Database Development & Support
  • Educators
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Engineering
  • Executive Management
  • Finance Management
  • Financial Planners
  • Funeral Home Administrators
  • Health Care Administration
  • Hospitality Management
  • Human Resource Specialties
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance Management
  • Judges
  • Legal (attorneys & paralegals)
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Marketing/Domestic & International
  • Medical Research
  • Meeting Planners
  • National Account Management
  • Networking Management
  • Nurses
  • Office Management
  • Operations Management
  • Physicians
  • Physicists
  • Pilots
  • Principals
  • Professors
  • Property Management
  • Quality Control Managers
  • Research & Development
  • Sales Management
  • SAP Development
  • Scientists
  • Software Development
  • Teachers
  • Telecommunications
  • Wealth Management Professionals
Professional résumé Dallas Résumé Writing ServiceAnd that is just our short list. We didn’t even include a few people from Cirque du Soliel.  Within these professions we provide services for Interns, CEO’s and everyone in between. From directly out of college to the executive offices, people realize that their résumé speaks for them.

Everyone is unique educationally, in wealth of experience, level of accomplishments, personality; even their reasons for wanting to change jobs:

  • An executive who wants to become an entrepreneur
  • An entrepreneur who wants to become an executive
  • A district manager who wants a job where the boss won’t call him at home ten times a night
  • A vice president who wants to do something in golf without going from riches to rags
  • A man who lives in Dallas and wants to relocate to be near the love of his life
  • A woman who wants a job that will not cause her hair to fall out from the stress

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