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About Your Résumé

Writing a résumé is not an easy project, especially when you are writing about yourself. Where is the line between bragging and presenting well-documented accomplishments in a professional way? Plus, interviewing and conducting a job search are not what most people do to entertain themselves. It is hard work and an emotional drain even if you have a job while going through the process.

In all professions, a résumé is where it all begins. It is your calling card, introducing you to the company and making the statement that you are now on the market and interested in exploring career opportunities. A hiring manager initially scans a résumé for an average of seven to ten seconds. In that time, a decision is made as to whether it will be read further or relegated to the stack of TNT’s (thanks, no thanks).

A résumé needs to be more than neat and polished in appearance. It needs to look impressive…concise…uncluttered, but mostly it needs to be powerful, engaging, and compelling. The whole purpose is to be invited in for the interview.

The correct length of a résumé is whatever length is appropriate to effectively present credentials. A one page résumé, is only appropriate to explain a one-page-career. Structure is an important thing; verbiage and emphasis are everything. The forward motion of professional lives depend heavily on how experience is conveyed to prospective employers.

Companies traditionally believe that the best indicator of future accomplishment is past behavior. Gaps in a career, problems with past employers, stagnate growth, and/or demotions can all be effectively handled in a rightly-fashioned résumé . Our résumés will make you look good and our advice will help you by providing answers to the questions you fear the most. There is no one right way to develop a résumé, but there are several wrong ways.

Résumés have a specific function as a PR-driven, marketing-focused document that coaches and prepares you for the interview. It serves as a script for you and enables the interviewer to prompt you through the process.

Résumé = Interview = Job Offer = Income
That is hardly new math!