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Client Reviews

My wife told me my resume looked great.  My mother told me my resume looked great, but I wasn’t getting any calls.  NOW, my resume looks great and my phone is ringing.  Speaking of great – you guys are.
Martin S. – Director of Marketing

Ya’ll are so good.  Worth every dime.
Matt H. – Sales Representative

Looking for a job is no fun.  Having a Rock Star resume makes it easier, faster, and better.  All my thanks to Corporate Ladder.
Alan K. – V.P. Corporate Giving   

My husband came to you for a resume.  I didn’t want him to because how hard can it be to do a resume.  I wrote a resume for him, then I saw yours.  By the looks of things there are resumes and then there are resumes.  He got a $40,000 increase and that is why there are 40 flowers attached.  Thank you so very much!!!!
Kimberly – Wife of a big success in Logistics

When I first came in, I didn’t understand how you could help me.  My resume looks great and now I get it.  I still couldn’t do it myself, but I get it.  I made a great choice in hiring you.  Thank you.  Lee D. – IT Manager

Thanks for a really polished resume and going above and beyond by telling me about a terrific company with a job opening with my name all over it.  Applying for a job 1500 miles away was not looking promising, but with your help I made it.  Greetings from beautiful downtown Santa Monica.
Chris C. – Manager, Business Development