Counter Offers – Don’t Do It

You have done everything right. A professional writer created your résumé, you honed your interviewing skills and conducted a targeted job search. An offer was extended and you accepted. It sounds like a happy ending, but it’s not over yet. When you present your resignation to your current boss he is devastated and begs you to stay. You explain that it’s nothing personal, it’s all about money. The offer is $19,000 more and that is meaningful to your family. He quickly begs you to stay telling you he will gladly match the offer. You accept. Fast forward three months. There is an executive meeting in the office of your boss regarding layoffs. Halfway through the meeting your boss says, “Put Joe on that list. That #@*&% came in here three months ago and threatened to quit unless I gave him a raise. He’s out!”.

That is really the way he remembers it. Don’t do it EVER!!!