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Résumé Writing Services

Résumé Packages - Most of our business is dedicated to the job seeker. We offer résumés and other documents such as cover letters, follow up letters, salary histories, reference sheets, and stationery. We can show you how to effectively apply for longdistance positions and how to successfully handle a career transition.

Coaching Sessions - We offer a one hour interview coaching session to our résumés clients that includes a 40 minute role playing interview and a 20 minute feedback session. Our clients tell us that this is very useful in helping them hone their interviewing skills and salary negotiations while acquiring some valuable feedback.

The second coaching session is a Q&A to explore industries, salary negotiations, effective relocation and long distance job search.

MBA Papers - We won't do your homework for you, but we will edit and provide rewriting services on papers that you have written.

Entrance Letters - College, Graduate School, Medical School, Law School, Letters of Application for a Medical Residency

Resignation Letters - We take the heat out of the process and keep you out of trouble.


Professional Résumé Dallas Résumé Writing Service________________________________

LinkedIn Pages
OF612's, KSA's, Military Conversions
Personal or Executive Biographies
Executive Presentations
Business Profiles
Business Plans
Renters' Résumé


Long Distance Projects
Our clients are local, throughout the USA, and around the globe. We have clients in Toulouse, Ghana, Toronto, Guam, and Italy to name a few.

Awesome Clients
Once you are a client, you are always a client. We keep your information stored for updating with minimal charges for up-dating services. We build relationships with our clients that last for years. We consider ourselves a partner in your career as you climb the corporate ladder!

Professional Résumé Writing and Career Coaching Services


Corporate Ladder Résumés

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